Enter the world of iAlumbra, where we promote innovative technologies, diversify the economic base of communities, and build foundations for the future.


Our expanding alliance of like-minded businesses has been dedicated to stimulating beneficial environmental, social and economic change for almost 40 years. We currently have a presence in more than twenty countries across six continents. Our innovations aim to achieve positive, lasting outcomes in the communities where we live and work. These include state-of-the-art, open ocean aquaculture systems technology, species development, Savory Hub Holistic Ranching practices, pioneering permaculture principles, and the revitalization of communities through art, gardens, history, culture, architecture, and design.

 We consider not only the priorities of today but also the needs of future generations in the communities that we serve.

We respect and nurture our natural resources, cultures and communities. We operate transparently, ethically and in the interest of the communities where we live and work. We collaborate with individuals, businesses, civic groups, and governments. We use innovative, long-term business strategies and philanthropic practices to develop economic diversity. We promote investigative research, expanded and continuous educational opportunities, and community skill-building as vital building blocks for successful businesses and communities.

We look towards a holistic balance of health and vitality, community richness and happiness, along with financial performance.


Operating our businesses with great care and respect for people, the environment, and ecosystems where we live and work.


Supporting societies by caring for our employees, operating with high ethical standards, and meaningfully contributing to the quality of life of our communities.


Creating viable, sustainable businesses that generate economic value for both the customers we serve and the communities where we live and operate.