iAlumbra businesses work with transparency and high ethical standards to help communities prosper.

iAlumbra pioneers approaches that have a commercial future and that simultaneously restore and strengthen both human and natural communities. iAlumbra companies are parts of larger systems that have important and complicated interactions with communities and ecologies. Each business contributes in its own way to benefit the whole while supporting each other. Although iAlumbra’s businesses are presented in four general categories below, they work together towards a greater good.

Offshore Production


operates a state-of-the-art commercial fish hatchery, a processing plant, as well as an offshore farm in the Gulf of California for nourishing the juveniles to harvest size. We are dedicated to producing healthy, indigenous marine fish species such as Totoaba (Totoaba macdonaldi) and Pacific Red Snapper (Lutjanus peru).

Products & Services


is committed to creating innovative and integrated production systems that efficiently and effectively produce fish while not harming the environment. We continue to secure design and engineering talent to produce the next generation of products for the open-ocean fish farming industry worldwide.

Deep Water Fish


is a world leader in raising fish in offshore submersible cage systems in deep waters. From our state-of-the-art hatchery, to our farms in open ocean currents off the coast of Panama, to our final processing, we take great care in producing Cobia (Rachycentron canadum). Renowned for its rich buttery taste and meaty texture, our fish is high in protein and Omega 3, and is free of synthetic hormones, pesticides and colorants.

Pristine Oysters


is a leader in oyster research and production in Baja California Sur, Mexico. Our farm is located in El Vizcaíno Biosphere Reserve, which includes the San Ignacio Lagoon, a primary winter home for gray whales. Raised in some of the most pristine waters in the world, and with a briny yet sweet taste, we proudly believe that we produce the finest and freshest oysters available anywhere.

Eco-friendly Ranches


is a complex of working ranches dedicated to long-term stewardship of land and culture in the Sierra Cacachilas mountains of Mexico. Engaged in an innovative mosaic of activities, including ranching, permaculture farming, scientific research, cheesemaking, and ecotourism, we utilize methodologies that are well suited to the region’s dryland forests and arid climate.


Viable Farmlands & Agritourism


is our new demonstration farm that uses traditional, alternative, and cutting edge practices in its search to enhance production and improve the quality of life for farmers. We develop and operate multi-farm uses including food crops, haying, pastures, cattle, orchards, and agritourism in a manner that honors and enriches the land that supplies our food. Based in Oregon, USA, we strive to create long term success for small to medium size farms and to slow the loss of local farmlands.

Appreciating Natural Heritage


is a single dirt track running competition that crosses the Sierra Cacachilas mountain range in the southern state of Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula. Starting in La Paz and ending on the shores of La Ventana Bay, this challenging annual event brings attention to one of the world’s unique natural heritages.

Creating Inspiring Spaces


believes that the public and private spaces we visit and inhabit should inspire and improve quality of life functionally and aesthetically. Operating in the greater region of La Paz, Baja California Sur, we aim to stimulate and concentrate growth, retain a sense of place and community, and foster environments that feed our spirits.

Preserving Heritage


is dedicated to showcasing and interpreting the rich mining heritage and settlement of the Cape Region of the southern tip of Mexico's Baja California Peninsula. The museum focuses on early communities and individuals that came to this region. We place their stories in context with the larger history, from the arrival of the first settlers in the mid-1500s to the region’s boom years as a source of the world’s silver and gold.

Bringing Local History to Life


is a unique restaurant / bar and a part of the Museo Ruta de Plata complex. It is located in El Triunfo, a historic gold and silver mining village in the mountains of Baja California Sur, Mexico. Local and international visitors are drawn to this complex to feast on artisanal sausages, award-winning paella, and Damiana Farms cheeses and vegetables, as well as to learn about the town’s history.


— two additional museums are coming soon —

Cowboy History & Natural History


Investing in Open Ocean Aquaculture


invests in open ocean submersible cage systems and technologies, as well as farmable saltwater species development. We intend to be a part of the effort to shift the demand for seafood from wild fisheries and conventional farming/production methods to new technologies based on open ocean aquaculture.

Innovative Investments for People & Earth


was created in 2018 to support and develop diverse economic streams in the USA and Mexico. Using clean, emerging technologies as well as place-based systems that honor and nurture people and the planet, we invest in land and sea science and conservation, foods and community health, renewable energy, air and water quality, youth education, and community engagement.