We work together, transparently and ethically toward a prosperous Greater La Paz region.


Earth Ocean Farms

Earth Ocean Farms (EOF) is an offshore marine fish farming company based in Baja California Sur, in the municipality of La Paz, Mexico. EOF operates a hatchery as well as offshore sites with 340 hectares of sea concession for several indigenous species of temperate-water marine fish. We test and develop advanced offshore farming equipment and systems. We are dedicated to fish husbandry, health, technology and eventually, the marketing of innovative and integrated farming systems for marine fish worldwide.

Please visit the Earth Ocean Farms website to learn more about our innovative offshore aquaculture solutions.



Rancho Cacachilas is a land management organization dedicated to promoting long-term stewardship of land and ranches in the Sierra Cacachilas mountain range. Current activities include quantifying and protecting valuable natural resources of this region.

One exciting development has been the discovery of historical mines and tunnels, dating from as far back as the Jesuit era, prior to 1748. Geologists and historians have been brought to Rancho Cacachilas to better understand our natural assets, the historical mining activities, and the geological diversity of the area.

Our business activities include livestock management, gardening, honey and cheese production and ecotourism activities. Led by our guides, visitors can learn about the cultural, mining and natural history of the Sierra Cacachilas. Guided hiking, mountain biking (MTB), day tours, camping, overnight trips, wine and cheese tastings and organic gardening activities are examples of how guests can explore the private, working ranches. Simultaneously, we work with scientists and other experts to conserve and learn about the diverse, local flora and fauna, and to protect the region’s watershed.

Learn more about our responsible land management by visiting the Rancho Cacachilas website.



Sol Azul leads sustainable, year round, oyster production in Baja California Sur, Mexico. We proudly produce the finest and freshest organic oysters available anywhere. Our delicious oysters satisfy the most demanding palates and meet the toughest standards of quality.

Sol Azul farms are located in the coastal lagoons of the UNESCO-recognized El Vizcaíno Biosphere Reserve. Situated on the west coast of the Baja Peninsula, this reserve is Mexico's largest wildlife refuge and is a breeding ground for gray whales. The main office is in downtown La Paz.

Our pristine sites and the sustainability of our production methods are reflected by certifications and endorsements from highly esteemed programs such as FishChoice, Seafood Watch, Seachoice, Blue Ocean Institute and FishWise.

We invite you to visit the Sol Azul website and learn more about our top-quality, sustainable oyster production.


Tenaja Holdings

Tenaja Holdings is a company dedicated to real estate development and property management in and around La Paz in Baja California Sur, Mexico. Since 2008, the company has been working to restore and enhance communities through new construction and the restoration of older properties and spaces, primarily in the historical centers of the greater metropolitan region of La Paz. We aim to retain the integrity and feel of neighborhoods that have evolved over time. We create parks, sculptures, restaurants and other designs that are instrumental in bringing people together and in generating prosperous communities.

Tenaja Holdings believes that the spaces we inhabit should inspire us. Our goal is to create dwellings and public spaces that function well, are aesthetically pleasing, and add to the quality of life for local residents. 

Please visit the Tenaja Holdings website to learn more about our projects.

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