We envision a vibrant Greater La Paz region in Baja California Sur with a thriving economy and an engaged social system that respects and nurtures our unique environment.




For current and future generations, we operate in a way that is respectful of the water, land, natural resources and local culture.


We operate transparently, ethically and in the interest of the communities where we work and live.


We collaborate with communities, government, businesses and civic groups to ensure that we add value.


We use innovative, long-term business strategies and philanthropic practices to encourage diverse economic opportunities while respecting our natural resources and communities.


We promote investigative research, expanded educational opportunities, community skill-building and continuous learning as critical building-blocks for successful local communities.


To operate our businesses successfully, we look beyond financial metrics towards a more holistic triple bottom line that is focused on the following key elements:

  • Planet:   Operating our businesses with great care and respect for the environment, ecosystems, fauna and flora where we live and work.
  • People:  Participating in building a thriving society by caring for our employees, paying living wages, operating with the highest ethical standards, and meaningfully contributing to the quality of life of our community.
  • Wealth:  Creating sustainable businesses that generate economic value for both the customers we serve and the communities where we operate in Baja California Sur.

Beyond our triple bottom line philosophy, our companies strive to maintain a long-term outlook giving proper consideration to not just the priorities of today but also to the needs of future generations in the communities that we serve.

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