Welcome to Innovaciones Alumbra, a family of companies, as well as philanthropic and community projects, which contribute to a thriving Greater La Paz region in Baja California Sur.


Innovaciones Alumbra was created in 2015 as an umbrella brand for a diverse group of activities that share a common vision for the area in and around La Paz, Mexico. This site presents some of the companies and projects that have been promoting positive environmental, social and economic change for more than 30 years. We invite you to read through these pages and become as excited as we are about our endeavors.



Innovaciones Alumbra comprises companies that research and implement scientific and technological innovations in land, marine and urban activities in this region of southern Baja California. Achieving positive and lasting, environmental and social outcomes in the communities where we operate is as important to us as business profitability.





Enter the world of Innovaciones Alumbra to discover innovations that we apply, and intend to apply, to aquaculture, land management and urban development. These include state-of-the-art Aquapod technology, Savory Hub Holistic Ranching practices, and the revitalization of urban areas through art, culture, architecture and design.



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