Christy Walton is the founder of Innovaciones Alumbra, an alliance of Baja California Sur based companies.

These companies promote innovative technologies that create value while honoring the planet, helping diversify the economic base of the Greater La Paz region, and connecting youth to the natural environment around them.

Christy & John's Meshach

"Many years ago, my husband John and I sailed the little boat we built into the harbor of La Paz, though not without first getting stuck on the Mogote sand bar. We had built Meshach in a back yard in Chula Vista, then sailed it south along the coast of Baja to end in what was then this small town. The journey that February was rough, we were inexperienced and, well, La Paz felt like a safe harbor. 
Anchored in the bay, I remember waking early, and coffee in hand, I listened to the morning come. Cooking smoke wafted across the bay, chickens crowed, church bells rang, and the sun rose. I decided then and there that I liked this town. I liked that people went to bed at night, that chickens got up in the morning, and that it felt as though families could live and be safe here. That was 1980." 

While Christy has US and international business and philanthropic interests, she is passionate about the area in and around La Paz. Involved in the region since the 1980s, she has actively participated in land and sea conservation, renewable energy (the first solar home in Mexico to feed the grid), air and water quality, cultural and architectural projects, youth education, and community engagement. She has used a combination of tools including innovative technology-based companies, philanthropy, and financial support to companies that benefit society and the environment.

Hiking in the Canoas arroyo in Southern Baja

One of the oldest Cardon cacti on Rancho Cacachilas

Christy’s local philanthropy includes support to: El Serpentario de La Paz, a wildlife rescue and education center, Centro Mujeres, which empowers vulnerable populations, Raiz de Fondo's community and urban food gardens, Probea and Ecology Project International, which both develop youth ecology education programs, AbraPalabra's after-school programs for children, Teton Science Schools' summer environmental immersion programs, and FANLAP, which enables more children to attend La Paz schools. Christy has also supported various conservation initiatives such as helping with the purchase of Isla Espirtu Santo to ensure its long-term protection by Mexico's National Commission of Natural Protected Areas (CONANP).

Christy has participated in several civil initiatives in La Paz. This includes the funding of numerous art and cultural projects, such as the Reina de los Mares, Viejo del Mar and Caracoles Músicos sculptures that are located on the La Paz waterfront. In addition, old homes in the historic district have been restored to preserve the architectural heritage and feel of the city. She supports the air quality group, CERCA, which is researching alternatives to fossil fuels in order to reduce pollution and pollution-related diseases in La Paz. Due to the high number of children in La Paz that have cancer, Christy has also supported work via the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine to certify the pediatric oncology unit of Hospital Juan María de Salvatierra to administer chemotherapy to children in La Paz.

Over the years, much of Christy´s philanthropy has been implemented through the International Community Foundation.

Celebrating the opening of Bar El Minero restaurant in El Triunfo — April 2015

Through the San Diego Natural History Museum and the Scripps Institute of Oceanography, Christy has supported extensive bi-national, science-based natural resource exploration on Rancho Cacachilas, Los Dolores, Isla Guadalupe, the Cape region and the Sea of Cortes to understand the unique environment of the Baja California peninsula. The varied topics of analyses include the fields of biology, geology, ocean sciences, renewable energy, as well as the value of silent places and a dark night sky. She and her husband also invested in the creation of Ocean Oasis, a large format film featuring the Sea of Cortes.

For each philanthropic and business project that Christy undertakes, she applies the same level of dedication, clarity and ethical behavior.

Being a private person, Christy has focused on implementing projects rather than obtaining recognition for them. In the past, this has kept the public from knowing much about her endeavors. This website, as well as those for Earth Ocean FarmsRancho CacachilasSol Azul, and Tenaja Holdings are dedicated to sharing her work with all those interested in learning more.

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